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Source code for my website https://owenryan.us
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This repository contains all the code that I use to host my website. Pages are written in markdown and are rendered to static HTML using Jekyll and a custom Bootstrap theme that I created.

Bundled dependencies

Installing dependencies

Based on the Jekyll quick start guide

Note: Make sure Ruby and RubyGems are installed

  1. Install the jekyll and bundler gem packages

    gem install jekyll bundler
  2. Install site dependencies

    Make sure you are in the root directory of the git repository

    bundle install

Building the static site

Static HTML and CSS files can be built using the following command.

bundle exec jekyll build

All static files should now be in the site/ directory.

Important note:

The static site's root is _site/. Everything outside of that is processed by Jekyll and placed in _site/.

Note: Some of the final code in _site may not have proper indentation, and some comments might have been removed.

Sources I used in a bunch of places